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Russell Wilson Truck: Dodge Ram 2500 Divides Opinions

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson Truck has made headlines both on and rancid the sector all through his career. One of his off-field interests that has attracted interest is his truck, a Dodge Ram 2500. The truck has divided reviews, with a few people admiring its formidable fashion and others locating it excessive. Truck Accident Attorney in Los Angeles Cz.Law |  2023 Guide

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The Truck

Wilson's Dodge Ram 2500

Wilson’s Dodge Ram 2500 is a lifted and changed truck with a custom paint activity indoors. It is powered by a Cummins diesel engine and is prepared with some of off-street features. The truck also has a custom raise package and oversized tires. Which Truck Tracks Are Right for You?


The truck has obtained blended reviews from fanatics and critics alike. Some human beings respect its formidable fashion and off-avenue skills. Others discover it immoderate and needless.

Some human beings have also criticized Wilson for selecting to force a truck, given his commitment to environmental sustainability. 18-Wheeler Accident Attorneys Laredo in 2023 Complete Guide

Wilson’s Defense

Wilson has defended his truck

Wilson has defended his truck, pronouncing that it’s miles a real vehicle that he uses for a lot of functions. He has also stated that he’s keen on the Dodge Ram logo and that he enjoys customizing his motors. What Is Tanker Truck? 5 Most Amazing Vehicles in the World

Specification & Features


Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no question that Russell Wilson’s truck is a conversation starter. It is a reflection of his bold personality and his off-field hobbies.


1. What type of Russell Wilson truck drive?

Russell Wilson drives a custom-changed Dodge Ram 2500 lifted truck.

2. Why does Russell Wilson’s truck divide opinions?

Some human beings appreciate Wilson truck for its ambitious fashion and stale-road talents, whilst others locate it immoderate and useless.

3. What are the specifications of Russell Wilson’s truck?

Russell Wilson’s truck is powered with the aid of a Cummins diesel engine with 370 horsepower and 890 lb-toes of torque. It has a 6-pace automated transmission, 4-wheel drive, and a floor clearance of 14 inches. The truck has a towing ability of 17,980 pounds and a payload capability of 3,920 pounds.

4. How a lot does Russell Wilson’s truck value?

The starting fee for a Dodge Ram 2500 is $40,000. However, the actual price of Wilson’s truck may also vary depending on options and dealer markup.

5. What are some of the additional functions of Russell Wilson’s truck?

Russell Wilson’s truck has a custom paint activity indoors, lifted suspension, oversized tires, off-street bumpers and skid plates, custom wheels, leather-based seats, a sunroof, a navigation machine, and heated and cooled seats.

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